Jigoku-mushi Ryori

Oita has a great variety of local cuisine

A local Oita specialty

One of the most famous local dishes is “Jigoku-mushi Ryori.” This delectable is an iconic dish of the city of Beppu. Jigoku directly translates to “hell,” and is a reference to the hot springs and their extremely high temperatures. Mushi Ryori on the other hand simply means “steamed cuisine” and there are many restaurants in the area where you can try onsen steamed cuisine. Furthermore, in some places allow you to even steam vegetables, potatoes, eggs and pork etc. yourself. This is a great way to enjoy a simple yet delicious local treat.
There are other traditional local dishes, such as Dango-jiru too. These thick wheat noodles are cooked with various vegetables in miso-soup. They make for the perfect meal if you want to experience some old-fashioned local fare.
If you are a sake lover, Oita also has a selection of locally made sake and shochu. We recommend trying them with either Toriten or Karaage, both of which are popular chicken dishes (the former an Oita original). Though they look extremely similar, know that Toriten uses egg in the cooking process because it is tempura style.
Do you want to try Sashimi? Of course, Oita also has great sashimi. Oita’s Seki-aji and Seki-saba (brand names of horse mackerel and mackerel found in Oita) are famous across all of Japan. These are enjoyed best with a garnish of Kabosu, a local citrus fruit.

Jigoku-mushi experience
Hands-on Jigoku-mushi experience

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