Beppu's onsen Steam

Hot springs are central to life in Oita

Oita is home to beautiful visits and abundant hot springs

Onsen, the local word for hot springs, are an attraction that can be found throughout all of Japan. Oita prefecture however, boasts the largest concentration of these natural wonders. Moreover, Oita’s onsen all are powered by vast reservoirs of super-heated underground water. These in turn give rise to a whole variety of different springs. In Oita, the onsen come in many guises and you find ones ranging from murky to pungent and even fizzy ones!!
Undoubtedly, Oita is the onsen capital of Japan, if not the entire world. Both Beppu and Yufuin are famous as destinations for tourists but there are other great alternatives in the prefecture to choose from too. For anyone who likes to indulge in a soothing and relaxing soak, Oita is certainly a must visit but the area also beckons visitors to authentically enjoy Japan’s bathing culture too.

Yufuin onsen
Yufuin onsen

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